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Cover Page

I'd like to find these eyes. Thanks in advance. :)
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Think up a name for the new community for Pooklet'd hairs! Visit my journal for more details here. xD


Sep. 18th, 2010 08:18 am
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I know a lot of folks are using DW rather than LJ for their sims stuff these days, so I thought we might gather together a list of sims related comms and journals here. Just to make it easier to search for new fabulous items :)

So if you have a sims related DW, whether it's story, legacy, pic spam or creations, feel free to link here!
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I hope this is all right by the rules... I made a Silent Hill 2 dance video using the Sims 2, and wanted to share it.

( This is a fake cut )

(If fake cut is not kosher, I can edit and embed it here, instead.)
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I've been absent from DW for ages, but I thought I might stick my nose back in over here. Is there anything you would like to have for this comm to help it get up and going? A community challenge (similar to the founder challenges you can find over on LJ?), something else?
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There's a whole load more where that came from!

Please, check out the rest of the Brogan Legacy, if you haven't already! The legacy index is right here.

Hi there!

Jul. 27th, 2009 06:46 pm
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Hi all!

I'm new to Dreamwidth, though I've been on LJ for years. I'm actively into Sims 2, with no plans to go to Sims 3 anytime soon.

I do a lot of sims writing. Most of my writings are at, but I've started posting one of my stories here in a separate journal. My current story, "Real Cats Don't Wear Boots," can be found specifically at [personal profile] real_cats_dont_wear_boots.

I hope you'll take the time to read and post some C&C. Thanks :D
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I have an ongoing bachelor challenge running over at

So far I have the first two days and results posted.

Please check it out!
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I accidentally got myself a vampire matchmaker yesterday. I don't... Is this normal? Can this break your game? Even better yet: can I fix this? Has anyone else have this happen? I've got some pictures of what happened, I'll post them behind the cut.

I invited the matchmaker over to cure my own sim, but the master vampire was still on the lot. I thought he was leaving and the second the matchmaker appears he turns around, stalks of to her and, well, this happens:

Pictures! )

I posted about this in my journal yesterday, not too worried but I started worrying when I remembered the Sims 2's propensity to not always work as it's supposed to. So if anyone wants to help, reassure me, point and laugh or share stories about this kind of weirdness in their own game, feel free to comment.
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I've been on a bit of a sims binge lately, and have updated several of my stories and challenges. They're all listed at [community profile] simtasia, but they're still hosted over on LJ. I'll start moving them over here, eventually.
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I was just playing my prosperity neighborhood, which is becoming increasingly plagued with custom skin shenanigans. To be honest, this time it was my fault. I use a bunch of Genensims colorful skins, and one of my gray-skinned playables and his S1 wife just had a red-skinned baby.

I'm not sure how custom skins are made, but I'm pretty sure some of the Genensims skins aren't textured correctly for babies. For the record, this type of scary baby is even scarier when he has violet skin. I suspect the fact that you can't create babies in Body Shop/CAS is part of the reason. At any rate, it's pretty annoying.

Anyone else want to share their custom skin shenanigans stories?
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[community profile] sims3 is open and available for those of you wishing to discuss S3. Any questions or queries about that game should go to that comm. Any questions or queries about any other Sims game can go to [community profile] sims. Legacies of any sims game can be posted to [community profile] legacychallenge, and if you're looking for help with writing, running or creating a legacy, you can check out [community profile] legacywriters.

If there are any other sims related comms on DW that you think we should check out, please comment here!

I've also changed the rules to allow one image outside of a cut, regardless of whether it's a story post, help request, WCIF or pic spam. As long as it's no bigger than 600x450, it's okay to go.
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It was suggested that there be some tweaking to the rules, so I thought I'd bring it up for discussion.

As this isn't LJ, and it's a brand new comm with all the years of experience that thesims2 has over there, I'm not expecting it to be high traffic for a while. Is there anything you think we should change in the rules or the focus of the comm? Anything else you want to discuss about this comm? The game?
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They're back! Weddings, parties, babies, birthdays! 92 pictures

Previous entries:
[1.00] [1.01] [1.02] [1.03] [1.04] [1.05] [1.06] [1.07]
[Family Tree]

Links are currently going to my sims livejournal, but soon they'll all be uploaded here.

A complete list of my sims stories can be found here.

Mod post

May. 4th, 2009 07:34 am
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This is a comm for fans of the game The Sims, in all of its incarnations. Ask a question, share your stories, get some hints and tips.

What is welcome:
- Questions about the game
- Story updates. You can advertise your sims story or challenge here!
- Pic spam
- General conversation relating to the game or sims sites
- "Where can I find?" questions
- promotion of other sims comms, but ONLY with a moderator's permission.

What is not welcome:
- trolling
- flaming
- other spam
- freezing, screening or deleting comments or posts

Only one image should be shown outside of a cut, and it should be no bigger than 600x450. This goes for stories, WCIF requests, pic spam and help questions. Story updates should be no more than once every 7 days, so please include the date of your last update in the post. You can advertise multiple stories in one post, but other pictures must be behind a cut.

Any images that include sim nudity must have the "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) warning. All icons must be "SFW".

Please use subject lines to help make searching the archives easier. Tags will be added as posts are made, so please make use of them.

Please contact one of the mods if you have any problems or queries.

Other comms you might be interested in:
[community profile] sims - for everything to do with all other Sims games, on all platforms.
[community profile] sims3 - for everything to do with Sims 3
[community profile] legacychallenge - a place to post your Sims legacies.
[community profile] legacywriters - if you need some help with writing a legacy or want some critique, ask away!