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Name:The Sims 2 Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Sims 2
This is a comm for fans of the game The Sims 2. Ask a question, share your stories, get some hints and tips.

Some helpful sites:
The Sims 2 Wiki

What is welcome:
- Questions about the game
- Story updates. You can advertise your sims story or challenge here!
- Pic spam
- General conversation relating to the game or sims sites
- "Where can I find?" questions
- promotion of other sims comms, but ONLY with a moderator's permission.

What is not welcome:
- trolling
- flaming
- other spam
- freezing, screening or deleting comments or posts

Only one image should be shown outside of a cut, and it should be no bigger than 600x450. This goes for stories, WCIF requests, pic spam and help questions. Story updates should be no more than once every 7 days, so please include the date of your last update in the post. You can advertise multiple stories in one post, but other pictures must be behind a cut.

When posting non-story pictures, only show one image out of a cut. Any images that include sim nudity must have the "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) warning. All icons must be "SFW".

Please use subject lines to help make searching the archives easier. Tags will be added as posts are made, so please make use of them.

Please contact one of the mods if you have any problems or queries.

Other comms you might be interested in:
[community profile] sims3 - for everything to do with Sims 3
[community profile] sims - for everything to do with all other Sims games, on all platforms.
[community profile] legacychallenge - a place to post your Sims legacies.
[community profile] legacywriters - if you need some help with writing a legacy or want some critique, ask away!
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